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01. Speaking for Success

Overcome nervousness and instill confidence through this empowering, interactive program. This high-energy workshop focuses on first impressions, body language and vocal variety, the importance of strong listening skills, and presentation organization. 

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02. Business Writing that Works

Write for revenue! Discover the difference in your organization when written communication is clear, concise, correct, complete, and courteous (Lorraine’s 5 Cs of effective communication).

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03. Communication Principles

Understand the real impact of communication skills on every personal interaction and learn how improving these skills can make it easier to get along in the workplace. Participants are guided through exercises that encourage recognition of communication styles, effective listening strategies, and teamwork applications.  

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04. Effective Meetings 90

Stuck in meetings about meetings? Increase productivity and reduce wasted time and money. Rethink the value of meetings as a management tool, recognizing the critical planning steps for efficiency, and developing techniques for handling counterproductive behavior.


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