Lorraine Ranalli Training and Coaching Workshops

People really do judge us by the words we use, both spoken and written. The success of your business is directly related to skillful internal and external verbal and written communication. Contact Lorraine to schedule one of these success-oriented interactive workshops.
Speaking for Success
Research shows that most people would rather die than speak in public. Speaking for Success is an interactive program that empowers participants to not only overcome nervousness but also present themselves with confidence. This high-energy workshop focuses on first impressions, body language, the importance of strong listening skills, editing conversation, using vocal variety for impact, and maximizing the effects of PowerPoint and similar visual aids.

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Write first, think later, and leap toward productivity. BE ODD® is Lorraine's simple and effective five-step method for breaking writer's block and overcoming writing anxieties. Because writing can be time consuming and frustrating, many of us give up before we even get started. With more and more of us communicating through e-mail, however, writing is a necessity, and good writing is a commodity. Well-written communiqués give us an edge in business and improve our bottom line.

Business Writing That Works
Write for revenue! Discover the difference in your organization when written communication is clear, concise, and correct. Business Writing That Works emphasizes the importance of proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. You'll have an opportunity to share writing challenges and practice strategies to effectively convey your messages.



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