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Ranalli & Volpe, each with an entrepreneurial spirit, a unique perspective on marketing & communications, and an affinity for broadcast, teamed up to bring you Marketing RV. Don’t let the recreational vehicle fool you. Neither Lorraine nor Gene has a particular passion for these vehicles but both are passionate about helping others select the right vehicle to deliver the right message to the right audience. RV = Ranalli & Volpe. They are movers and shakers whose show is agile and mobile. Come on board and enjoy the ride!


Intellectual property is a topic with which anyone active in social media, blogging, and any form of electronic media must familiarize themselves.  Attorney Adam Garson discusses with Ranalli and Volpe various aspects of intellectual property with focus on his forte, copyright and trademark law.

Copyright infringement comes in many forms. Adam explains that simply attributing content to its proper owner does not necessarily indemnify a poster from copyright infringement. Permissions are necessary. Likewise, by sharing content on certain sites, an author often relinquishes his copyright to that content. Of course, if the author is a known entity—an established brand—his name is protected by a common law trademark. That means anyone who claims attribution for his content is in violation of that trademark.

The lines might appear fine and confusing, which is why it is always best to consult a professional.

Thank you DiFabio’s for allowing us to take up valuable dining room real estate. The food was delicious as always. Thank you Chico’s Vibe for allowing us to use your copyrighted music as beds to our show. If you’ve never heard Chico’s Vibe, check out this clip:

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Think about the fond conversations you have with family and friends as you sit around a kitchen table breaking bread. That warm, familial, and familiar feeling is akin to the Marketing RV podcast experience. Like a kitchen table conversation, this show moves quickly, entertaining while informing about the topic at hand. It is not too dissimilar to Cucina Chatter, Lorraine’s radio show and podcast from 2010 to 2012 that Gene often references and intentionally botches.

In this episode Lorraine and Gene broach legal issues involving online content. Find out who owns copyrights, how easy it is for anyone to violate trademarks, and how infringement on either damages an organization’s reputation.

Realtor Dave Joslin returns to the show to discuss Isagenix, the weight loss program that put his brand on the map. Isagenix is a weight loss program sold via multilevel marketing. Dave was never interested in it but purchased it in 2017 from a friend who pitched it incessantly. The product sat for months until one day in mid-2018 Dave got fed up with his body and decided to make a change. He has never looked back and by all accounts has not looked as good in years. Dave shares the story of his weight loss and his viral ham video.

Interesting and relatable as a weight loss story is, Lorraine and Gene were taken by the way this personal story boosted Dave’s presence in the crowded real estate landscape. Sometimes successful marketing is a matter of sitting back, taking stock of all the elements that comprise your brand, and leveraging to the best of your ability. Dave said the key is to just start.

Gene echoes Dave’s sentiments when Lorraine questions him about the most common concerns of his clients. When it comes to marketing, it appears getting started is the most difficult think for individuals and organizations, even those that have all the tools in place.

Lorraine touts Nike’s hugely successful “Just do it!” tag line that will live in infamy. She latter posted the infamous swoosh on her LinkedIn page, inviting followers to share their favorite tag lines. The post is still going strong and attracting thousands of views.

Bringing the show full circle, Lorraine and Gene advise not to run from or hide negative responses and feedback to social posts and welcome your feedback to the Marketing RV podcast. So, listen and leave your comments! The podcast is free and you will not regret investing 30 minutes.

Shout outs to Chico’s Vibe and Doc 7 for the show’s theme music!

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To blog or not to blog that is the question posed in this episode of Marketing RV. While businesses scramble to embrace content marketing, which is all the rage, how many understand the impetus for content. Lorraine, the PR traditionalist, touts the benefits of attracting attention by giving the audience key takeaways via content. Although Gene prefers video messaging over straight text, he explains why text is such an important part of all your electronic marketing.

Two guests get some airtime on this show. Real estate agent Dave Joslin reveals the best piece of advice Gene ever gave him. As Gene’s former high school football coach, Dave also speaks candidly about Gene’s athletic prowess, or lack thereof.

Christine Rizzo also dropped by DiFabio’s Market & Tap to participate in the show and gain insight on leveraging social media to promote the Shevlin Family Foundation, where she serves as executive director. The Shevlin Family Foundation supports families of those struggling with addiction. They provide short-term housing for addicts going into or coming out of recovery. They also supply basic household goods. Christine also explains her transition from regulatory compliance consultant to teacher, to non-profit leader.

Food is always an integral part of Marketing RV but you’ll also snag these takeaways:

Plus, you’ll learn how and why memes came to be.

Our goal is to reach 55,000 followers by summer. So, download the show free from your preferred podcast vendor and tell two friends about it. Then they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on…

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RROn one hand, our Marketing RV hosts think the internet should be completely free from government regulation. Actually, that’s the only hand that matters to both Ranalli and Volpe. They do recognize, however, that none are immune from making stupid decisions based on influencers. So maybe the solution is for individuals to be aware of the potential fraud in cyberspace and any space, and to do some homework before acting or reacting. Whether it’s a purchase, a diet trend, trying a new exercise, or even commenting on a post, pause and think about the consequences. Sure, that’s easier said than done but the alternative is a nanny state, and who wants that?

Social media influencers is the topic of this podcast. One story our food-enthusiast hosts did not cover was the Fyre that burned a lot of young people expecting a luxury vacation and music festival.  

Fyre may have singed the entire influencer industry, or at the very least created permanent smoke damage. Click here to read about the scandal involving a remote tropical island, models, and much anticipated music festival. If you’re not familiar with the story, check out Variety.   

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When marketing our businesses, it is easy to use the tools with which we are most comfortable. However, as Lorraine constantly stresses in her writing and soft skills training courses, it is always best to cater to the audience by communicating in their preferred style. The concept seems obvious. Often businesses or business leaders think they do just that when in reality, they do not. That is because we are wired to go with what we know, and we assume what is familiar and comfortable to us is familiar and comfortable to others, too.

“Like, duh! Everyone knows that.”


The truth is we all grow up accepting the reality that has been presented to us. So, we use the tools that we find most comfortable. For generations of people born around 1980 or later, those tools are likely electronic in nature. It’s what they know because electronics have always been part of their lives. Those born before 1980 have to learn the new tools. Many embrace change and take it upon themselves to learn the new. Thus, the learning curve is seamless. Reluctant types find adapting a little more difficult. Still, some refuse to learn, rendering themselves or their businesses obsolete.

Gene and Lorraine explore the effects of adopting technology on personal and professional success and the direct correlation to wealth accumulation. They reference the Bloomberg article, Super Rich Americans are Getting Younger and Multiplying. This show is not all about facts and figures, unless you consider the effect of beer on your figure, which is the central theme of Gene’s soon-to-be-launched podcast Barbells & Beer. Lorraine, on the other hand, isn’t really a drinker but seems to really enjoy hanging out at bars, which is why the pair broadcasts from Pica’s in    West Chester, PA. They welcome you to the table. So, keep an eye on the Marketing RV social pages to find out when you can be part of their next broadcast.

Shout outs to Chico’s Vibe and their spinoff band Doc 7 for the Marketing RV music bed. The song you hear is She is There by Doc 7.

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Marketing as Part of Your Business Plan from the Beginning!

There are two common mistakes made regarding marketing: incorporating it after establishing a business rather than making it an integral part of a business plan and placing it first on the chopping block during rough fiscal spells. Ranalli and Volpe advise otherwise. It is always important to make marketing a priority from the get-go and beyond. The cost involved does not have to be astronomical but be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Better yet, hire a pro to do the work for you.

In this episode, Gene discusses the importance of social media analytics, and offers three steps for dealing with negative online reviews. You will learn how your business can show up at the top of a web search, Google in particular, and how to ensure positive news appears first.

In terms of promoting your business and maintaining a positive image, always control your messaging. Get in front of any story about you, your business, or your product. This require active marketing.

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Walk away from these faulty beliefs about marketing:

Anyone can do this, there’s no need to hire a professional.

  • FALSE! Let an objective, experienced marketing professional research your target audience, craft your message, and execute a well-prepared marketing plan while you concentrate on what you do best. Sure, your input is necessary, and your product/brand is personal. It’s your baby. If you want your baby to succeed, do your research and bring in a trusted professional.

The product will sell itself, and once it does, there will be enough money to advertise.

  • MAYBE, but that is a big risk. Your passion is admirable, so don’t be delusional. Even if you conduct solid market research to guarantee a certain level of sales before launching your business, do you really want to cap growth potential?

Marketing is not affordable.

  • FALSE! You can’t afford not to market your business. Period. Consult a pro to find out how to market within your budget. You will be surprised by the options.

Once a certain revenue level is reached, it makes sense to tighten the marketing budget.

  • This line of thinking is only true if the intent is to phase out your business.

In a bear market, reduce the marketing/PR budget first.

  • FALSE! If the market goes bearish, you go bullish. Do not rest on your laurels. Get creative. Remaining top of mind is of utmost importance.

In the inaugural episode of Marketing RV, Ranalli and Volpe discuss the importance of naming your brand, or product. The pair picked an easy and necessary topic to launch their show, as at that point they had no name for their podcast. They only knew they wanted to share with the masses their passion for marketing. Throughout the show, they discuss various methods for coming up with a brand name and how the process is part of defining your brand.

This half hour of fun is as important to fledgling businesses as it is to established businesses because it is always wise to step back and evaluate your brand for lasting power. One of the key tips to attaching a name to your brand is to consider scalability. Will your name serve you as your business grows geographically and fiscally?

Alas, Ranalli and Volpe complete the show without choosing a name for their brand but like a baby cannot leave a hospital without a name, the pair does not leave Pica’s without one. Instead, they pool their resources, including the live audience, to establish Marketing RV. Find out how they came up with it and what it means in episode two.

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